Confidentiality & Disclaimer Statement

Make It Personal

Jennifer Wilson, Life Coach sessions are conducted in a professional and confidential capacity to the same legal extent as other professionals. Privacy and confidentiality are paramount considerations in my practice.

The material contained in this blog (and all my other blogs) is presented for information purposes only. This blog is primarily to be used as a reference tool for my current clients and prospective clients. I assume no liability whatsoever for loss of any kind to readers of this blog based on this blog. Readers use their own discretion regarding the content of it. However, I make every attempt to be accurate. I welcome comments and corrections by email at:

I also assume no liability for loss whatsoever of any kind based on the guidance I give to clients. My life coaching is always conducted in good faith. with good will and good humor on my part, and my expectation is that this will be reciprocated.