Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Wilson Alternative Library

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I deleted my Wilson Alternative Library page from this blog. It isn’t an e-library, and therefore, I decided it was unnecessary and possibly even inappropriate to have this page. This action ties in with my wanting to use computers as little as possible.

I believe that books can be a good tool for learning but reading is not an essential part of life. Much literature can be distracting, distorting and even destroying of reality and create a false perception that serves an artificial view of the world. At best, a lot of books are a waste of time and mental energy.

My library has recently significantly dwindled to less than 20 books. These books are relevant to my work and available for loan to my clients.

My blogs have many references for e-reading to find further sources of information and I will continue to add more references where appropriate.

Books are full of stories made-up by minds that are afflicted with disturbances of one sort or another. The better books grasp onto ways and means to stabilize and disconnect from the whirlwind of madness that is encircling our planet. I continue to look for such books to add to my library.

Photo Credit, Thank You: Pixabay. In the 'fake news' era, Americans increasingly value libraries, by Kate Kilkenny, August 31, 2017, Pacific Standard: ttps://psmag.com/education/americans-increasingly-value-libraries

Americans should also consider 'fake books' in this era too!!!