Thursday, February 01, 2018

Electromagnetic Radiation


Have you ever noticed the sound of electricity surging in an electrical appliance such as an iron? I have. Do you hear the whining/humming noise of electricity at night when all else is quiet? Well, I do: whether in a city or in the countryside, and whether in a house, building or my camper. I even here it during the day when I'm resting. Sometimes it is louder than other times. I remember it was so loud in an apartment in Guildford, England that I had trouble sleeping. Sometimes there are several pitches and types of noises. I cannot hear silence anymore.

I attended a seminar on electromagnetic radiation given by Diana Schultz, a Building Biologist with Green and Healthy Homes.  I’ve been aware of these issues since 2008 right about the time Diana took up biological building, but this topic is becoming ever the more relevant as technology develops. Reviewing my notes from the seminar and the references below, I became inspired to put forward my view which does not seem to be very popular, but someone has to say it.

The real problem is not that some people get sick from electromagnetic radiation (EMR) even to the point of becoming hyper-sensitive; it’s not about lack of fertility and reproductive damage; and it’s not even about chronic diseases such as autism and Alzheimer’s. What it’s about is life. What kind of life are we creating with all the electricity? Every day more electronic gadgets appear from computers in cars, smart phones, smart meters and home security systems to robots, farm machinery, airplanes and rockets. Everything is connected to electricity in some way. In fact, almost everything in our lives has been manufactured, shipped, stored, processed, machinery that uses electricity.

To begin with, look at all the wires. The planet is encircled with tons of wires! They are underground, overhead, across streets, down long trails in the countryside, in the walls of all our buildings, in our gardens, in campgrounds, stores, everywhere. I remember considering buying an old  stone thatch roof cottage in Ireland which had no electricity or plumbing. It was near a stream. My biological being yearns to get away from the electricity.

Now, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies are growing exponentially. They need electrical transmitters to operate. The frequencies are getting higher with the increase in traffic and larger bandwidths are needed to deal with the increase in data. Where is this leading? Is it improving anyone’s life or just making people sick?

Electricity with its EMR is so dense in the cities of developed countries that one cannot entirely get away from it but only partially by covering up, restricting movement and other life changing tactics.

We live in a bubble called Earth. Many people believe that we can live in a private sub-bubble that will supersede the Earth bubble. This is true to some extent. We have our skin, aura, and shelters that can protect us from some environmental harm. However, the Earth environment is ultimately our life source.

An example of a sub-bubble is the biodynamic farm. It strives to be self-sustaining, organic and self-contained, separate from the environment that surrounds it. I worked on one for a few years. Not only was it across the road from a care home that released toxic waste into the environment and resonated a good deal of EMR, but some people and animals (such as pet cats) living on the farm took medications, and ate foods with GMOs and chemicals (as did the chickens), or people used chemical laden personal cleaning products which were all released directly onto the farm land via a septic system. The farm was also ten miles from a major international airport with airplanes constantly flying back and forth directly overhead spewing out chemicals as they took off or prepared to land. The cows were milked right next to the road where cars rushed past at 60 miles per hour.

How much pollution is acceptable? Is it justifiable to continue leading a modern life-style based on electricity despite all the known harm that it causes to life if we can create our own personal protective bubble? I do not think so. I think everything counts. The drivers of the technology race do not care about the casualties and are more than happy when we spend money and make efforts trying to live with the technology race by creating our little disconnected bubbles rather than opting out and living closer to nature.

We talk about yoga, meditation and mindfulness today which are the new “rest and relaxation” which can be helpful like a lot of other things, but these often amount to nothing more than distractions from the technology race that is totally out of control. If only we could stop destroying nature, LOOK around and see with clear vision and LISTEN to our hearts, we might then walk away from technology and live in peace and health.

Looking for someone to blame? Thomas Edison had diabetes and was an uninhibited egoist. “… he set the stage for the modern electric world.” . The future would be brighter without light bulbs.


5G uses shorter, faster waves which don’t travel as far. This wireless airwave does not penetrate the skin as deeply as the lower frequencies, but would attack in a more dense-like manner. 5G would also be more stress to the eyes. 5G testing is underway in 11 States, including the controversial erection of cell phone repeaters in Long Island, New York.

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