Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Pursuit of Happiness

Be Happy

“Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. The US government, in the Declaration of Independence, states that it is a sacred and undeniable truth for all men to have the inherent and inalienable right to the preservation of the pursuit of happiness. Note, it is not simply a right to be happy. It’s a right to pursue happiness in a lot of flowery language which infers that we aren’t happy and that we may never actually attain happiness. What it actually boils down to is a right to pursue the Almighty Dollar.

As a matter of fact, many philosophical, religious and highly esteemed literary types say that work is the only way to attain happiness. I don’t need to give examples here because it’s obvious. If we take the right to pursue happiness and superimpose it on what we are actually expected to do with our lives, we see that work is the most common way that we are expected to pursue happiness.

We are educated for many years , which some call programming, with the goal of getting a job or pursuing a career.  Then we are expected to spend most of our waking hours working until we “retire” from work. Our lives are defined by work and how much money we earn from this work. Whether saints and scholars advertise work as a means of attaining happiness is not important now because it’s on TV, radio programs and in all sorts of mass media outlets, as well as, in places of worship and the medical profession. It’s everywhere.

In actuality, the government tries very hard to make it so that every able-bodied person, and even the not so able in body, mind and emotions, has the responsibility to work for money  (or aide others to make money) in order to stay alive and it’s a far cry from being free. We have a right to be alive as long as we conform and a right to be free within certain artificial parameters. Forget “the good life” and trying to live off the land and being truly independent and happy.

The ‘Protestant work ethic’ is entrenched in the United States. To save your soul you need to work to benefit society. Society is based on the monetary system. None of this has anything to do with happiness unless it makes you happy to believe that your work will result in you going to heaven and not hell when you die.

“I haven’t worked in 10 years.”  We know that the meaning of work in this context is having a job that pays money. Since daily life could also be considered work, our assumption is that the main function of a human being in the civilized world is to work for money. Hence the expression: work for a living.  Who controls the money? Who has the most money? That is who we are ultimately working for. They don’t particularly care if we’re happy or not as long as we’re happy to work for money.

The US government is not in the business of ensuring that its citizens are pursuing happiness or even protecting this delusional right. It’s all about money and the government needs us to work to get money (e.g.. taxes). Besides being a convoluted concept, the pursuit of happiness is a smoke screen.  Most jobs make people SICK AND TIRED. The real purpose of the medical system is to ensure that as many people as possible overcome any sickness or health issues in order to get them back to work as quickly as possible. That’s it. Everyone else is simply used for practice, hence the term, medical practice.

This system ensures that a few people make lots of money while the majority suffers and struggles to survive. A middle group gets to indulge in packaged vacations and other things that cost money in the pursuit of happiness, but the experiences are fleeting. This arrangement is destroying life and our planet. It is also creating or reinforcing mentally imbalanced people with such personality traits as egotism, selfishness, being cold and uncaring, anger, aggression, competitiveness, etc.

Jobs such as being a housewife, mother, carer at home, artist for no money and any other occupation for no money, such as volunteers. are not considered real work. That’s why we have expressions such as ”working mom” (even though she “works” at home before doing a job for money) and unemployed artist (even though he or she may be producing lots of art work at home and giving it away) .. to be working, one has to go into the man’s world and earn money. Pursuing happiness is not a qualification for work though. I don’t think it would look good on one’s résumé.

“I would like to work here because it will facilitate me in my pursuit of happiness.” Sounds unstable.

Now for some uncommon logic:

If happiness is being at work
And machines are designed to work
Then machines must be happy
Or at least be in the pursuit of happiness.

And if we could become machines
Or just machine-like
Then we’d be happy
Or at least be more efficiently pursuing happiness.

As I quoted in my article on power, “electric power is the rate of doing work”. It would follow that the more we use electricity, the more we should be happy. Human beings are creating more machines and using more electricity every day in the United States where we hold the pursuit of happiness in such high regard. The statistics on anti-depressant medications, violent crimes, and suicides, for example, indicate that this mechanization trend is not working.

Happiness seems like a worthwhile goal, but to pursue it is to chase it away. Happiness is actually something that is within each one us. Pursuing it implies that it is something outside of ourselves. We do not need to do anything or go anywhere to be happy. We do not need anything at all but to take care of our basic needs and live close to nature. By having extravagant desires, we destroy our ability to be happy.

Where is your pursuit of happiness leading you?  After all, a pursuit is a path, a chase, a movement of energy and power - in a certain direction towards something. Are you sure that what you are doing is worth it?? Try to step away from the pursuit stream and just be happy.


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