Tuesday, October 31, 2017

What is Power?

Take Back Your Power

The strapline for my business is “Take Back Your Power”. But what is power? I recently chanced upon a clothing store in Saratoga Springs, New York where they had erected an easel for people to pin notes with their ideas of what power is. I read a few and a recurring one was power is kindness. I spoke to the shop clerk and she said that power to her was giving. I wrote that power is life. I think a little article on the subject is warranted. After all, one cannot take back kindness or take back giving.

Since we live in an electrical age with lots of machines that rely on electricity, a common view of power is that it is electricity. With all the references to power as electricity that we hear constantly, it is pretty well ingrained in our subconscious that electric power is of paramount importance to us. Yet, as the exercise in that clothing shop revealed, people are not forthright in recognizing this.

Power outage, power shortage, power cut, power lines, power station, power generator, power supply, power cord, power socket, power connection, power source, power strip, power circuit, power grid, and power point are all well-known terms which refer to electricity. And then there are the powerful companies that supply this power.  My grandfather worked for Consumers Power which is now known as Consumers Energy, Power and energy are interchangeable terms, but one cannot have energy without power or power without energy. One cannot take back electricity either. Why is electricity considered as power?

Electricity makes machines work. It gives them life so to speak. It makes things move, usually to accomplish tasks or to seemingly facilitate our lives. "Electric power  ... is the rate of doing work  ... " (Wiki). Electricity has enabled man to accomplish amazing feats of mechanical creativity. But electricity has also enabled machines to take over our lives. That’s pretty powerful stuff. We rely on electric power daily for the basics of life such as the provision of food and water. We use it for cooking and cleaning. We rely on it to “make a living”.  We rely on it for every aspect of our lives.

Electricity is provided for us whether we are connected to the national grid or have solar panels on the roof of our house. Electricity is manufactured using materials and devices that we cannot replicate as individuals … machines are needed to create electricity. So our modern, civilized lives are powered by machines. Power is life. When I say, Take Back Your Power, I mean Take Back Your Life. How can we take back our lives? By moving away from the mechanization of life.

One of my favorite examples is with eyesight. Prescription glasses are designed with varying levels of power depending on the wearer’s natural ability to see.  When the eyes are forced to see through the lenses with this power, the need for the eyes to use their own power is diminished. What happens? The eyes give their power away and learn to depend on the artificial power in the lenses. In addition, eye glasses and all the equipment used by the eye care industry are made by machines.

Artificial power is what is replacing our natural power. We are beings of electrical currents and magical powers.  We are electric. But our power as human beings is ebbing away and being replaced with artificial power, all in the name of control. Electricity is an artificial power. By getting people to depend on it, they can be controlled. We are being assimilated.

How can our human characteristics prevail and develop in a world where people are strapped into machines (e.g., cars), spend most of their waking hours connected to machines (e.g., computers), and rely on machines to provide them with every item in their daily lives? Of course, this is the best it gets. For those who are in a hospital or care home, they often rely on machines to keep them alive on a more personal level. Look at your own life. Do you own anything that wasn’t made or handled by a machine at least once before you acquired it?  With all the billions of people in the world, one might think that there were enough of us to power our own existence. But instead, it seems like the more people there are in the world, the more machines there are in our lives.

Developed countries are places where people have for the most part given up their power to this artificial way of living. The developed country is the creation of an artificial environment which necessitates destroying the natural environment and enslaving people. The USA is not a rich country because its citizens are powerless without electricity. And money is not power except in this developed artificial environment. Therefore, the reality of developed countries is that they do not have any real power except that the world organization (aka New World Order) is causing us to destroy our power in favor of an artificial one. It’s obvious to me that we are feeding this artificial life. It cannot make us do anything. It does not know what is in our minds. But it is doing a very good job of “nudging” us where it wants us to go and do what it wants us to do. As it so happens, this is not in our best interest.

We know it. The last book I picked up to read, on the first page and in the first sentence, the author mentions being “married to a computer”. The problem with being married to an electrical machine is that it is heartless. Yes, they are researching, experimenting and developing compassionate, sensitive robots and the vast medical industry which revolves around artificial power is called a caring one, But if we stop to look around us and listen to the people we come across, we will see how the artificial lifestyle is not a healthy life choice with any real power no matter how easy and glamorous it may seem. We may feel that we are in control of machines, but they rule our lives.

In 2015 I pressed the button on the personal computer I owned at the time during an electrical storm. I saw a flash of lightning out of the window with the corner of my eye just as my finger pressed the button. Somehow the lightening generated a surge in the electric power that passed through the computer as it tried to turn on and this energy fried the motherboard. I guess I jumped back quick enough as I walked away unscathed. I felt lucky because I have heard stories of people being hurt by lightning. What does it mean? Maybe that I’m more powerful than a computer? Why are “the powers that be” trying to replace me with an artificial dummy?  Because they can’t control me like an artificial dummy!

More power to you.

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