Friday, August 25, 2017

Nuclear Neighbor

Speak Up

This is a post scrip to my poem On Being Quiet that I posted recently. In that poem I mentioned that I hear humming noises. One of these noises sounds like electric currents.  Well, sometimes it’s good to be quiet and other times it’s good to speak up and I felt obliged to speak up about this.

I just found out that there are two uranium-powered nuclear reactors not far from where I live – the US Reserve, Kenneth A Kesselring site in West Milton, near Saratoga Springs, New York where they train the Navy to use nuclear-powered submarines and aircraft carriers. The site is operated by Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory which is located not far away in Niskayuna, near Schenectady, New York. The current way these reactors are run is with lots of electricity and, of course, they are generating lots of electricity. Therefore, it is possible that this is contributing to the noises that I hear. They have been in operation since 1955. There used to be four active reactors at this site but one has been dismantled and one is presently being dismantled.

By the way, nuclear waste remains radioactive for about 200,000 years and is very toxic. There is a risk of leakage into the environment and problems about storage.

I spoke to a local resident and he described how he used to go hunting in the area but since 9/11, roads to the site have been blockaded and it’s all very top secret. Also, he has noticed lots of concrete trucks coming and going. I would guess this is at least in  part due to the dismantling operation. I wonder where all this toxic waste is going. And where has all the other radioactive waste gone over the past 62 years that this site has been producing it?

At any rate, my view from all this is that the noises I hear are not a figment of my imagination or that it has always been this way  Although there have been nuclear reactors in operation all my life, I'm more aware of them now. When I say I wish my environment was quiet, I do not mean an absence of crickets chirping or other natural noises, I mean I wish there were no humming noises from machines and electricity.


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