Saturday, August 12, 2017

Monetiztion of Life

Detach from the Monetization Process

What is monetization? One definition says that it is the process of converting or establishing something into legal tender. This is usually referred to as money, but is also called coining and currency or the printing of banknotes by central banks. It can also be something in the future called a promissory currency. Note here the reference to banks and the law. Banking and the legal profession are the foundation and anchors of monetization.

The conversion process refers to things that otherwise do not have a monetary value and assigning one to them. "The powers that be" also known as "They" have been attaching a monetary value to everything.  Nothing is priceless in their eyes. Everything has a price tag and they are creating laws daily to enforce it.

For example, an acquaintance of mine worked for Kew Gardens in a project where she went around the world collecting seeds to store in big underground temperature controlled rooms. She was under the impression that she had an ecologically sound job. She believed that she was helping to save these unique species of plants. But save them from what? And nature is always changing. Why save one type of plant and not the one it would naturally evolve into in time? If all the plant life is kept under control in vaults, then a value can be attached to it. While it is in the wild, it has no monetary value because it is too uncontrollable and diverse.

Another example of monetization is with the human body. When I think of my teeth and how they have been destroyed by dentists and crap food, I get very annoyed. What is a tooth worth? Is it worth the cost of a root canal and a crown? That's what your teeth can be worth to a dentist. Why are people getting more and more of their natural, life supporting body parts replaced by artificial substitutes that have no life in them? Because the system of health care is geared towards the monetization of life.

My final point here is that monetization requires standardization and this results in the deterioration of biodiversity and freedom. Once something has been monetized, means of efficiency need to be developed to maximize its monetary value. Machines and computers are used more and more to do this. The end product is moving in the direction of being artificial and lifeless. Ultimately, the monetization process is a means of enslavement and death of biological life (as opposed to artificial life).

I don’t buy the story that life needs to have a monetary value in order for it to be protected.  This is why, as a life coach, I do not have set fees and often do not take money at all for my services.


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