Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tai Chi Quigong Shibashi Story

Use Your Imagination

A story can often help in learning and remembering. The Tai Chi Quigong Shibashi series of movements which I previously wrote about on this blog (see link below to the articles index) lend themselves to a good story. Here is a version of that story. This story can be used anywhere as a visualization aid. I inserted numbers to help the reader identify which movement is being referred to.


I was camping in my RV (recreational van) at a campground near the sea. One fine day, I walked over to the seaside. I was wearing comfortable loose cotton clothing and no shoes.

It was a balmy day, warm with gentle breezes. The sun was strong and there were cottony white clouds dotting the blue sky here and there. The sand was white, powdery and warm to my naked feet.

Just before reaching the sea I stopped in my tracks. My feet were together and my hands at my sides. I became aware of the energy of the sun radiating and an exchange of energy in an out from the crown of my head pulling me up and connecting me to the cosmos. This energy made me feel free and infinite.

The energy also flowed down to my feet and out into the ground, right down to the center of the earth and it anchored there. I felt this connection to the earth and it made me feel safe and grounded.

I began to feel the flow and sway of the universe and took a step to the side with my left foot to better balance myself. I sunk deep into this position and meditated.

Breathing deeply in and out, I began to move in a playful manner. Raising and lowering my arms I explored the space in front of me (1). This lead to the desire to expand my chest (2) and I raised my arms and then expanded outward in a big stretch.

A misty rain shower passed me at this time and as the sun shone through a beautiful rainbow appeared out on the horizon where the sea met the sky. I raised my arms above my head and danced from side to side following all the brilliant colors (3). As it faded away, I circled my arms around in a big circle (4).

These movements caused me to feel a bit warm and the water was inviting. I went into the water and started to swim (5). I then noticed a small boat and swam up to it. Getting inside, I paddled back to shore (6).

Stepping out of the boat, I lifted my hand and imagined lifting the sun in it and then the other (7). Then I noticed a feint moon in the sky and put my hands around it and moved it up and down from one side to the other (8). Lifting these heavenly bodies made me want to expand my own body of energy and I pushed my palms across my chest (9).

I was in a very playful mood now and played with the little white puffy clouds (10). From there I gathered up the sea and gazed at the horizon, moving from one side to the other (11). I pushed the little waves, back and forth and felt my breath moving in and out with the same rhythm of the sea (12).

Next, I saw a dove and mimicked its flying using my arms as wings flapping in and out (13).  The dove as a symbol of peace reminded me of the injustice in the world and I punched my fists as if moving through a thick mud (14). A goose flew by at this time and grabbed my attention and I imitated its big wing movements by moving my arms up and down my sides (15). This filled me with great joy.

With this joy bubbling up inside me, I grabbed and hugged the sun and swung around with it in my arms going one way and then the other (16).

While swinging with the sun, a beach ball rolled up in front of me. I took a step and bounced it and then repeated from one leg and hand to the other (17).

The day was moving on and it was time to finish. I sunk back down into my feet in the stance in which I started, raised my cupped hands in front of me to balance my energy and pressed them down, repeating the movement (18). I finished by raising my hands over my head and bringing them together at chest level to give thanks for the beauty in this day on our earth.


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