Sunday, January 22, 2017

Seeing is Believing

See Better

“Seeing is believing.” This well-known quip could use a little explanation because it’s not just what we see with our own two eyes that we believe in but how the images are processed by our brains into our beliefs. How we see is actually a lifestyle choice. I recently made a big change in my lifestyle in this respect.
I am my own life coach at the moment and my goal is to improve my eyesight naturally. I started down this road after being inspired by an optometrist, although he did not intend this result. I wrote two articles on my blogs about this as referenced below. Consequently, I threw out my expensive Prada reading glasses, my Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses and another pair that were originally prescribed for computer use. I’ve been managing without them without any inconvenience, but my eyesight is still not the best it could be. I’m coaching myself and getting any help I can find to reach my goal of better eyesight naturally.
I’ve set a deadline of July 23, 2017 which is the two year anniversary since I started not wearing glasses. I plan to get my eyes tested by an optometrist then to see if I’ve made any progress in ‘the eyes’ of the eye care industry. So I have exactly six months to implement this enhanced plan and get my result.
“Seeing is believing” is also relevant in the respect that if I and others can see that I can improve my eyesight naturally, then it really can be done. And my case is not an easy one because I have presbyopia (old age farsightedness), a lazy eye and astigmatism.
Details of any plan fall into place in time, but an outline is essential. With this in mind, here is my outline plan of action.
My Plan to Improve My Eyesight
1.                   Finish reading Eye Yoga, How You See Is How You Think, and then review it. Implement any new exercises desired from this book and work on a routine.
2.                 Research Eye Yoga entries on the Internet for further ideas.
3.                 Order a copy of William Bates’ book Better Eyesight Without Glasses to get an eye chart to practice with regularly.
4.                 Increase use of eye patch and use it on both eyes.
5.                 Continue to follow neck relaxing exercises daily from Benjamin’s book (see below).
6.                 Continue regular sunning and palming.
7.                 Do the Eagle Pose every day.
8.                 Meditate on eyesight improving.
9.                 Use visualization and imagination to see better.
10.             Use positive affirmations such as “I believe I will see better by July”.

I add this quote here because it highlights the last two points of my plan. If one does not believe in something, it is very unlikely they will see it.
This plan of mine clearly shows how I’m making a lifestyle choice to focus on improving my eyesight. The way I see it, it’s a better lifestyle because it will help me to see better.
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