Friday, September 30, 2016

Taking Time Out

This is a short and simple article to remind us that we need to take time out to regroup and maintain our health. It is an unfortunate situation we have today where we are pushed and prodded into action to perform faster and continuously to do stuff, especially stuff to make and spend money. This is especially obvious in the working world, but it is true across the board.

Many people drink coffee and other caffeinated drinks to help them keep going at a frantic pace. This is despite the fact that they may even be allergic to caffeine (please see my article about this here). The caffeine masks the need to take time out.

We are programmed to make and spend money at an ever faster pace. It is part of the competitive financial world. Advertising is a good tool for this type of programming. It is everywhere and reminds us of our duty to keep the financial flow going.

Even when we are supposedly taking time out by going to a vacation spot, we feel that we need to get out of it as much as possible. A yoga retreat may be a good choice, but will it change life afterwards? Yoga is becoming very popular. Maybe it is helping to slow the pace of the rat race. I recommend and teach yoga.

It’s all very well to make the most of life. However, we are not designed to go 24/7 without breaks. In fact, we need a substantial amount time out for rest and relaxation to function properly. If we do not get this relief, we become tired and negative things are prone to happen.

One good clue that we are tired and need some down time is that our eyesight is not working up to par. This often leads to poor judgement and mistakes are likely. Many people watch television, surf the net or play video games in an effort to unwind and relax. However, this puts a strain on the eyes and cannot, therefore, lead to true relaxation. (Image from How TV Triggers the Stress-Insomnia-Stress Cycle,

It is also unfortunate that the only way for many people to take time out is to have a medical treatment such as an operation which allows a prescribed amount of time off work to recuperate or to use as an excuse to step off the merry-go-round.

We can, however, consciously decide that we need to take time out without getting sick first. We can know our limits and refuse to go beyond them. Get to know yourself better and this will help in this effort. Become aware of programming that leads to over-activity, whether it be eating, exercising working, doing household chores, drinking and drugs, or whatever. It is not necessarily a question of not doing something, but doing it slower or in a manner that is easier for you or better in some way. It is often a case of not doing something though. If it will make you happier and healthier, put things off until tomorrow or maybe chose not to do something that you otherwise thought was important.