Monday, August 22, 2016

“We Can See Right Through You”

No They Can’t!

Well, this is the second time I’m typing up this article. The first one got corrupted, along with a lot of other files on a memory stick. I think it was caused by downloading the photo in this article! But just because computers are not reliable, doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea to use them, I guess.  Whether it’s a good idea to use computers or not is a topic for another article though. This article is about not believing in something just because it may come from a source of presumed authority.
I recently stayed with a cousin of mine and his wife. He is close in age, being just one year older than me, but we are far apart in our beliefs about many of life’s choices. He doesn’t subscribe to this blog, but if he ever reads this article, I want to set the record straight that I love him and his wife and am most grateful for their generous hospitality. However, my cousin inspired me to write this article which he might not appreciate.
Specifically, my cousin repeatedly made comments about my not wearing glasses. In fact, he told me that I should wear glasses. I’m in the process of retraining my eyes to improve my eyesight naturally. I wrote about this in two other blog articles called The Eyes Have It, How to Improve Eyesight Naturally, and Our Vision is to Control Yours. Basically, my view is just because I can’t see perfectly, doesn’t mean that I should wear glasses.
We are all programmed for much of our behavior and for the most part do not deviate from the programming much. My ongoing proposition is that we can and should bypass some of this programming though. It may be hard to do, but just because we are programmed doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. Life coaches such as me can help with this endeavor.
By bypassing programming that is not working, we open a door to unlimited options of behavior. This is the door to freedom. When we question a programmed response which leads to set parameters of behavior, we free ourselves to evolve in our favor, and in particular, improve our health. Not only is this personal, it is a question of improving the biological health of the human species.  It is a question of reversing the trend of mechanization and computerization towards using our real powers as biological entities with health and vitality to thrive on this planet that suits us.
If it weren’t for the burgeoning “healthcare” industry and the obvious manipulation of food and water, some of it terribly scary such as towns with no shops for food whatsoever, I might waiver in my beliefs about technology and nature. After all, as many people say, look at all the amazing accomplishments man has made … skyscrapers, space ships, computers, etc, etc. Man has created some amazing things, but the overpowering direction we are moving towards is a sterile dead world. One would not know nature even existed in many man-made places such as most offices, schools, universities, prisons, laboratories, hospitals, and factories.
Nature often does not automatically suit man’s needs. So it is being controlled and manipulated at every turn. I see virtue in making life more comfortable and suitable. The problem is money and power. Nature is being changed and destroyed to make money and take control with the veil of improvement hiding ugly truths. But just because we are in the midst of money-madness, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue to work towards changing this dilemma.
My cousin lives in the remit of the Nathan Littauer Hospital. It advertises its services on billboards and in just about every type of media possible. One such service is cancer treatment. Cancer is a big issue today. But just because a doctor may tell you that you have cancer doesn’t mean you have to subject yourself to surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy. I wrote about Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, the medical treatment and a natural treatment proposal on my Simple Food Remedies blog. There are many other options available, but “conventional” treatment often gets the go ahead without even a second opinion.
For example, a neighbor of my cousin recently had an operation to remove a tumor. He had tests done for cancer and they came back negative. Yet his doctor told him that he should have a course of radiotherapy nonetheless. The last I heard, this neighbor was all set to proceed with this treatment even though he did not understand why he should. Just because a doctor says you should have radiotherapy doesn’t mean you have to have it.
Besides cutting edge cancer treatment (no pun intended), Nathan Littauer Hospital offers robotic spine surgery. This really isn’t surprising. Machines are taking over in the medical profession. Machines definitely can’t see through us. The phrase, “we can see right through you” means that they know what you’re up to. That you’re not fooling anyone. In other words, it means that they know what you’re thinking, how you operate, or how you are programmed. In the advertisement above, they are using an x-ray treatment to say it, but it doesn’t change the meaning of that phrase.
Nathan Littauer advertises its radiotherapy and radiology treatments. Why??? Because they are being pushed on people for no other reason than to make money! And that is the bottom line of most things we are programmed to do … programmed like lab animals in a Skinner box. It is very obvious when we look at all the reward schemes going on.
Another medical example is just because a doctor prescribes some form of statin, such as Crestor (the fourth highest selling drug in the US in 2013), doesn’t mean you should put yourself in jeopardy of the side effects of these drugs.
Or just because a doctor prescribes an antibiotic, doesn’t mean you have to take it.
I could go for a long time, but my final example is, just because you may be feeling down in the doldrums doesn’t mean you should take anti-depressant drugs with all the side effects that they cause. Your doctor may say that he can see right through you and knows that you would benefit from taking an anti-depressant, but don’t be fooled, he or she is probably getting a financial incentive of some sort that links to the mega pharmaceutical companies to prescribe the drugs.

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