Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pain in a Box

Put Pain in Its Place
Today is my youngest sister’s birthday. Happy Birthday!!!
I write this article for her.  The present I would give her, if I were a genie in a bottle, is a box that when she opened it, drew into it any and every pain she had at the time. It would take away her pain in a flash and store and seal it forever. As soon as she noticed pain starting to develop, she could open the box and in it would pop, out of sight and out of mind. She would acknowledge where the pain came from, but then put it in its place in the box. Instead of a pain in the neck, feet or lower back, etc., all she would have is pain in a box. It would still be her pain, that pain in the box, but she wouldn’t feel it. It would not interfere with her life. The box would be the keeper of her pain so that she could live free from it. It would be an unlimited storage space for pain that could never be released.

Pain would no longer have any power over my sister. She would be in control of pain. If she wanted pain, say as a reminder of the feeling, she could keep it. But she could always get rid of it in an instant, simply by opening her pain box.

I’m not a genie in a bottle, but I know that if one sets one’s mind on something, amazing genie-like things can happen. The pain in the box is an idea that would work if one believed in it strongly enough. It’s a question of mind over matter. It takes work in real life sometimes to accomplish something like putting pain in a box. It may take practice too. But the idea is simply to take back your power … from pain. We have the power to live pain-free, each and every one of us. There are many examples all around of people overcoming pain, from the extraordinary, like those who can walk on hot coals barefoot, to the more common, such as injured workers continuing to finish a job or an athlete performing with an injury to finish the game, etc., etc.

If you suffer from chronic pain, ask yourself if you need that pain or whether you’d like to get rid of it. Would you like to put it in a box? To make it easier to do this, visualize it in a shape or as a color. Visualize it moving out from the area of the body it seems to be located and into a box. This reminds me of a box my sister once made for an art project. It had lots of trinkets and memorabilia glued on and in it. Pick a box that you can envision putting pain in so that it sticks inside like it’s glued in – with Super Glue!!

Reasons for pain are just excuses. Maybe you overexerted yourself, sustained an injury, have a weak spot that is prone to stress and strain, get stung by a bee, or break a bone. The body is vulnerable. But pain is registered in the mind. If we felt pain for every ill the body is experiencing, we would all be in pain all the time because nobody is perfect.

The other side of the pain story is that so many people reach for the cardboard box with the little pills/tablets for pain relief. The is giving your power to the big pharmaceutical companies that make these drugs. Take back your power from them too! You don’t need a genie in a bottle (or Aladdin’s lamp) to get a magic box to take away your pain. Take any box you like, big or small, designate it as your Pain Box and get storing today!

The Odyne Configuration, The Little Box of Pain, (photo credit with thanks, but interesting story too)