Friday, May 06, 2016

Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi, To Begin


To Begin and Opening Position
  • stand with feet close together but not touching and toes pointing very slightly outwards
  • arms hang down
  • palms face into thighs
  • relax
  • legs are straight but knees are supple, not locked
  • weight evenly distributed on feet
  • Think of a string pulling the body up through the crown of the head and connecting to the sky for upright posture.
  • Then think of the feet and how they are connected to the ground. Imagine roots from your feet going down into the earth to the center of it and wrapping around a boulder so that you feel secure.
  • Then think of the energy in the body swirling around in circles.
  • Feel yourself gently swaying without effort.
  • Eyes gently look downwards and inwards.

    • Then slowly move into the Wuji Stance (what I refer to in my articles as the Horse-Riding Stance) by transferring the weight onto the right foot and moving the left foot open so that the feet are hip width apart. Still retaining an upright posture, sink down and bend knees slightly. Knees will be in line with the feet. This opening stance gets you ready to move.
    • arms hang down
    • palms face into thighs
    • deep abdominal breathing
    • relax and remain in this position for a minute or so.

    Health Benefits:
    • Postural benefits, contributes to an upright spine.
    • Relaxes and exercises muscles.
    • Combined with deep breathing, unifies and balances the mind and body together.