Friday, May 06, 2016

Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi, Movement No. 1

Awaken the Chi

1.         Commencing Movement: Awakening the Chi by Raising the Arms

 In this movement the hands are pulling up energy and pressing it down. This movement and focus activates the chi. The eyes move in a lowered, relaxed position to follow the movement of the hands.

Raise arms to shoulders:
·                    from facing inwards, turn palms to face backwards as you raise them.
·                    fingers point downwards and slightly curved
·                    breathe in as you raise the arms
·                    and the body follows by raising up and straightening knees a little more.
·                    draw arms up to shoulder height and width with the palms continuing to face down
·                    keep elbows and wrists slightly bent
Return arms to sides:
·                    turn palms to face forwards
·                    fingers point upwards and are slightly curved
·                    breathe out as the arms are lowered
·                    sink body down and bend knees slightly more
·                    draw arms down to thighs
·                    palms return to facing out to backwards

Health Benefits:
·                    Relieves physical and mental stress.
·                    Relieves fatigue.
·                    Good for joints because relieves muscular stress and loosens them.
·                    Cardiovascular benefits.
·                    Improves circulation.
·                    Sharpens the mind, in particular, good for listening and memory.
·                    Harmonises cerebral functions.
·                   Improves will power.