Monday, May 09, 2016

Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi, Movement No. 6

Row a Boat in a Tranquil Lake

6. Rowing a Boat

At the end of Swimming in the last movement, think of coming to a small row boat in the middle of a tranquil lake and getting aboard it for the next movement.

Raise arms over head:
pull both arms back
palms face backwards
breathe in
raise body
draw arms up fully extended above head
elbows slightly bent
palms face out to the front

Return arms to sides:
breathe out
fingers upwards and slightly curved
sink body down; knees slightly bent
draw arms down to thighs
palms face out to backwards

Health Benefits:

  • Alleviates lumbar muscle strains.
  • Helps with problems, nervous breakdown, depression, insomnia, and tearfullness.
  • Increases oxygen in the lungs and clears thinking.
  • Increases awareness.
  • Generates feelings of joy and confidence.
  • Relieves muscle fatigue.
  • Good for hip joints and shoulders.