Monday, April 18, 2016

Take Back Your Power with Jennifer Wilson, Life Coach

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Mobile:  518-866-3448

I am based in Galway, New York. I am able to converse in French now and continue learning every day.

I offer step-by-step guidance with expert listening and questioning. You chose from the techniques below to take back your power. The aim of this empowerment is to facilitate your focus at the time such as achieving a life change, transition or goal, gaining insight into health and well-being interests, and/or simply fostering a happy and relaxed life.


Goal Setting and Pacing
Your Listening and Questioning
Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi
Eye Yoga
Posture improvement
Diet, Herbology and Fasting
Lifestyle considerations

Training Qualifications and Experience

SimpleFood Remedies, Consultant, Researcher, Lifestyle Coach, as well as, part-time alternative therapies at a healthcare center in Sharpthorne, England (2011 - 2015).
Librarian for an Alternative Library at a Biodynamic Organic Farm, Sharpthorne, England (2012). The photograph of me above was taken in this library.
Meditation instruction from Julia Ventham, Sharpthorne, England (2012).
Yoga instruction from Joanna Al-Zuhairi, Natural Relaxation, Guildford, England (2008-2009).
Extensive independent reading, research, blogging, and writing on food, farming, medicine, health, life-style, and environment issues; covering both scientific/technological and natural/alternative versions (2007-2015)
Corporate legal and other legal assignments (primarily commercial conveyancing as well as a personal residential property portfolio), active member of Environmental Law Associations, and member of the UK Law Society (15 years).
Legal Practice Certificate, Corporate Route, College of Law, Guildford, England.
Law degree from the Queen's University of Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology and Medical Practice, California State University, Los Angeles.
School of American Ballet, Professional Children's School, and Turtle Bay Music School, New York City